Work In Place Verification For Lenders

Work In Place Verification For Lenders

Woodbury Inspection Group Inc. provides fast and accurate “work in place verification” inspections for lenders, buyers and contractors when project draw requests are issued.

In a typical construction project, the contractor will request inspections on a monthly basis in order to collect payment on work completed to date. We will conduct inspections of the property at this time, photograph it, report on percent of work completed and quantify any “on site” material storage.

Work in place verification inspections give both lenders and buyers assurance that the work they are paying for is in fact getting done.


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Service your water heater annually.

This can greatly extend the service life of the water heater and improve performance and efficiency. Propane-on-demand water heaters are prone to scaling, and tanked water heaters are prone to sediment build up.

We recommend having your water heater serviced annually by a licensed plumber.

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