Warranty Inspections

Warranty Inspections

Protect the single largest investment of your life with a Warranty Inspection.

Save time, money and hassle with a warranty inspection! Woodbury Inspection Group, Inc. will inspect every nook and cranny of your new property so you can notify your builder and/or manufacturer what needs to be repaired or replaced under warranty.

Defects new homes fall into two categories – obvious and hidden. You’ve probably taken care of obvious ones, such as faulty appliances or cosmetic blemishes. The hidden defects are the ones you need to be concerned about. The most common hidden defects are improper wiring, poor drainage, insulation and ventilation issues and flashing issues where small exterior openings allow moisture to seep in.

Since general contractors and developers are required by law to warranty their work for at least one year, we recommend getting a warranty inspection no less than one year after closing on your property. After the one year anniversary passes, you give up almost any chance you have in getting your builder to correct warrantied defects.

Time is of the Essence

Defects in your home frequently take longer than one year to show up, at which time they can cause substantial damage to your home.

For example, improper drainage can damage foundations leading to structural problems. Small exterior leaks can lead to mold, termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Your inspection should be within the first 8-10 months of your first year of ownership. This allows the maximum time for issues to arise and time for builder to make repairs during the warranty period.

Got questions about warranty inspections? Call us at 322-5174. No sales tactics – just honest answers.

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Home care tips

Service your water heater annually.

This can greatly extend the service life of the water heater and improve performance and efficiency. Propane-on-demand water heaters are prone to scaling, and tanked water heaters are prone to sediment build up.

We recommend having your water heater serviced annually by a licensed plumber.

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