Client Compliments

Compliments from a few of our clients…

“I just wanted to thank you for the inspection report. It was brilliantly done; I really appreciate all the photos and your attention to detail.”

Darcy Kent and Darcy Vanderlan

“Thank you for such a speedy turn around on our inspection request. We are delighted with the clarity and thoroughness of your report and especially appreciate the photos you sent along.”

Susan Bland

“Everyone we spoke with to get things fixed knew you and only had good things to say about your work. I now start with your name when speaking with who ever it is I am asking to fix something, that seems to get the job done right away.”

— Teresa Lubrani

“Mike’s integrity, deep knowledge, and sense of humor made the purchase of a foreclosed home less frightening. He brought light to the unknowns and helped us make an informed decision. His thorough inspection report gives us a roadmap of repairs that need to be completed in the short run and provides a heads up on issues that may arise in the future. No house is perfect, however, with a Woodbury inspection, we have complete confidence and peace of mind of knowing what we are getting into.

Keith Olson & Mary Park
Home care tips

Service your water heater annually.

This can greatly extend the service life of the water heater and improve performance and efficiency. Propane-on-demand water heaters are prone to scaling, and tanked water heaters are prone to sediment build up.

We recommend having your water heater serviced annually by a licensed plumber.

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